A large segment of the certified minority-owned businesses associated with the Council are in the Construction industry. The Council has a long-standing history of work in the construction industry in North Texas. In fact, the Council’s first founders developed the Council to create more economic inclusion in the development of the North Texas region. Thus, the Council has several unique features related to the construction industry. They include:

  • A Public Plan Room that allows contractors to come in and check out plans related to projects going on in the area.
  • An Electronic Plan Room that provides contractors with the opportunity to review and download construction plans electronically,
  • A dedicated Construction Coordinator, Sha’Ron Richardson, who assembles and disseminates information, bids, requests for proposals, pre-bid conferences, etc. related to existing and upcoming projects.

The Council supports the work of Buying Entity owners, as well as developers working on around the region. If you are in need of certified minority-owned businesses to assist with your project, please contact the Council or visit our SOURCING TOOL.

For further information on how the Council can assist you in the area of construction, please contact us at 214.630.0747.